5 Spiritual Places In India To Practice Meditation

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India has a rich spiritual history. Spiritual connections that have lasted over centuries make India a world-famous tourist destination for peace seekers. You might be looking for a serene place where you can meditate in a calm and disciplined environment. Else, you might be looking for a luxurious meditation and spa centre where you can pamper your body as well as soul. A variety of services are available across the country to suit to your requirements. 5 best spiritual places in India to practice meditation are:

1. Dhamma Bodhi Vipassana Meditation Centr

Vipassana Meditation Centre

Photo by bodhi.dhamma.org

Situated in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, this awe-inspiring centre is an ideal destination for learning and practicing meditation. This is the actual place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. This meditation centre offers initial 10 day long courses for those interested to learn this art. It is a heaven for you if you have a bent for the teachings of Buddhism. Each batch of 80 students can be accommodated, and entry is allowed twice a month into this prestigious meditation institute.

2. Rishikesh


Photo by Rishabh Mathur, CC BY 2.0

The spiritual atmosphere in this religious destination is invigorating and brings us close to attainment of salvation (Moksha). Rishikesh, located in the Himalayan foothills, is the one of the most frequently visited Hindu pilgrimage. Numerous ashrams and retreat centres are sprawling all over the city. It is an apt destination for meditation learning and practice. Be it the lonely banks of Holy river Ganges or the nearby serene forests in the surrounding Himalayas, Rishikesh is enriched as the natural seat for good meditation. Truly known as the International capital of Yoga and Meditation, it offers tempting places like the Vashishtha Cave, where Sage Vashishth is believed to have meditated. Transcendental meditation can also be thought of by the Ganga Ghats, where the famous Aarti (prayer songs) is performed every morning and evening.

3. Dharamshala


Photo by Travelling Slacker, CC BY 2.0

Situated in the beautiful mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is a paradise on Earth for meditation. The natural beauty of the hills provides a relaxing and quiet environment. Meditating is enjoyable in Dharamshala as it promises stress reduction and self-discovery. It is flocked by thousands of tourists who are on a spiritual tour. Even if you are looking out for a comfortable get away from urban life, to immerse in the glory of nature and practice meditation, Dharamshala is a fabulous option. It has some internationally famous meditation centres like Vipassana Meditation Centre, Dalai Lama meditation retreat and Tushita Meditation Centre. You can chose to learn meditation practices as provided by various cults in the form drop-in guided meditations or longer formal courses in this art.

4. Art Of Living Ashram, Bengaluru

Art Of Living

Photo by solarisgirl, CC BY-SA 2.0

Spread out in a vast area of 65 acres, this state-of-the-art ashram is a well-planned in-house meditation centre. Followers from all over India can enrol themselves to stay in this blissful dwelling and follow the prescribed format of meditation. Not only that, courses are offered about happiness, stress reduction, specific to illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, depression and other lifestyle disorders. You can also volunteer to provide your services to the ashram in any field that you can contribute. Different levels of meditation are prescribed according to the type of course and a strict dietary regime is also followed to ensure physical and mental well-being. The ashram is famous for training its dwellers and followers in ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ which incorporates a cycle of breathing techniques with meditation to be practiced everyday.

5. Ananda In Himalayas, Narendranagar

Ananda In Himalayas

Photo by ellyjonez, CC BY 2.0

If you are looking out for a luxury escape with yoga and meditation, Ananda is the ultimate destination to experience. Learn to meditate and search for the divine truths within you, in the luxury of this five star accommodation. This luxury spa can bring some life-changing moments that will enlighten your mind and make you a better soul. The place is the perfect abode that you are seeking, to rinse yourself from the dust of city life. Personalised Yoga and Meditation packages are offered for in-house guests that are inspired from traditional as well as modern techniques. It enhances physical and mental well-being by raising our concern for consciousness to super consciousness.

Meditation, as such, can be practiced anywhere and anytime. But a quiet serene atmosphere is necessary for a relaxed mind during meditation. India proudly attracts thousands of national and international tourists who are on a spiritual tour and want to search within their inner self by meditating. So, choose wisely for the best place to become ‘wiser’ by meditation.