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Kochi, Kerala

7 Best Eye-Catching Sunset Points in India

03 May / by: librarytomukti / 0 comments /

India, the country that is renowned for its culture and diversity, is also famous for its sunset and sunrise views. The nature lovers and photographers find one of the most amazing views of the sun setting down between the mountains or rivers. Here we bring the 7 best eye-catching sunset points in India.


6 Pilgrimage Sites in India for Buddhists

28 Apr / by: librarytomukti / 0 comments /

India is a place of great religious, cultural and historical importance. Buddhism is one of the many major religions practiced in India, which is followed all around the world. The significance of Buddhism is seen in every part of the country, and it is given great importance to throughout. There are various locations for pilgrims […]