The Subjectivity Of Liberating Your Own Mind

Liberating one’s own mind is a concept that I remember being the subject of a debate during my years in college. Leading up to the big debate in a philosophy class, you could see different students from the different sections of the class going around the campus and bothering their fellow students, often they were also just random strangers who they never attended a single class with let alone hung out and shared a meal or a drink while sharing ideas. I do love that very simple ice breaking concept and its implementation on helping incoming freshmen get out of their comfort zones and meet new people without fear of rejection.


Here’s a perfect example of the kind of community aspects I’d like to see more people jumping into. This is actually a picture of a group of people on the roof of their building, apparently in one of the positions one puts their body into while practicing yoga. I know I’m a novice at best when it comes to yoga but the big blue yoga mats under everyone are a dead giveaway! © Ziv Pugatch.

So ultimately that project was more of a subjective lesson about being open-minded and non-judgmental of the myriad of different opinions and points of view that people have when it comes to feeling trapped within your own mind and body, versus feeling free. As I have not been practicing yoga or Buddhism since childhood, I can’t act like I’m an embedded expert, but I’m still an eager scholar using the internet as the great resource and reference tool that it is!


This is probably one of the most iconic images that one might have when they hear the words ‘meditation’ or ‘enlightenment’ as Buddhism and Buddha himself are certainly some of the most recognizable proponents of the concepts, principles, and pursuit of such intangible concepts. © Wonderlane.

The irony is not lost on me that I feel such a wish for people to embrace more organic and natural things in life, while performing research on these topics with cutting edge technology. It is humorous but I think that most things are good in moderation.


This is probably a bit lame or a cheap shot of me to just get more people to check out my article (big name companies do it in their commercials on TV all the time, so why can’t I?) and offer up the sight of a cute little kid practicing the subject I’ve been discussing. The form of her yoga is certainly great considering her age! © Jenny Lee Silver.