Kochi, Kerala

7 Best Eye-Catching Sunset Points in India

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India, the country that is renowned for its culture and diversity, is also famous for its sunset and sunrise views. The nature lovers and photographers find one of the most amazing views of the sun setting down between the mountains or rivers. Here we bring the 7 best eye-catching sunset points in India.


6 Pilgrimage Sites in India for Buddhists

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India is a place of great religious, cultural and historical importance. Buddhism is one of the many major religions practiced in India, which is followed all around the world. The significance of Buddhism is seen in every part of the country, and it is given great importance to throughout. There are various locations for pilgrims […]

Pushkar Lake

5 Must-Visit Places In Pushkar

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A religious holiday destination that grew around a lake and a temple, Pushkar has become famous globally as an offbeat location to be spiritually enlightened and explore the rich culture of India. Located close to Ajmer and set inside the hills, Pushkar is one of the oldest existing cities in the country. Despite its fame […]

Art Of Living

5 Spiritual Places In India To Practice Meditation

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India has a rich spiritual history. Spiritual connections that have lasted over centuries make India a world-famous tourist destination for peace seekers. You might be looking for a serene place where you can meditate in a calm and disciplined environment. Else, you might be looking for a luxurious meditation and spa centre where you can […]

Swami Vivekananda

5 Famous Spiritual Gurus From India

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Just as America is known as land of opportunities, India is known as land of spirituality. India is the land where spirituality has always been at its boom. There have been many spiritual gurus who have enlightened people through meditation and great preaching. These spiritual gurus have helped people across the globe connect with the […]

The Subjectivity Of Liberating Your Own Mind

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Liberating one’s own mind is a concept that I remember being the subject of a debate during my years in college. Leading up to the big debate in a philosophy class, you could see different students from the different sections of the class going around the campus and bothering their fellow students, often they were […]

Modern Yoga Is Making Lives Better

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People around the world from all kinds of cultural, national, and religious backgrounds have been becoming more and more aware of yoga.  While this is a household word in India, the nation of yoga’s origin, many people in the western world are less aware of its existence or at the very least, the practice itself.  […]

Liberation is within!

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Mukti, the liberation, seeing the things as it is, is not seen outside in materialist world! It is within. The knowledge and wisdom comes from within. One cannot control the time, world & happenings. But one can control their thoughts & mind. Mukti is when one has been detached from worldly feelings and pleasure and […]